We Are All Collectively On Our Own Spiritual Journey

We Are All Collectively On Our Own Spiritual Journey

As we continue to shift into higher states of consciousness, we start to see the lower frequencies come to the fore such as: fear, greed, manipulation and control. These various lower conscious states are clearly in the limelight at this time of change across the world.

So it requires us, as enlightened awakened beings in that collective, to play our role in trusting that this lower state will re balance itself out eventually and return to the path of evolutionary progression towards higher consciousness.

Our Role

Our role is our own frequency that we are putting out as individuals, which has a cumulative effect on the mass collective of human beings as a whole. So your thoughts, beliefs, truths, actions and behaviours are all frequencies which are emanating from you. When you start to awaken into a higher state of consciousness you begin to recognise and resonate with your own beliefs and truths more. They are yours internally and sovereign! Not external! So be your own truth and beliefs with authenticity and integrity! Observe your own beliefs and truths more, ensuring that they are not influenced by external influences, but are sovereign and yours personally.


Do not get frustrated with others who may not be sensing or understanding your beliefs and truths. Understand others will not be in the same state as yourself, everyone is shifting at their own pace. So don't get attached by the expectation, frustration, exhaustion, or irritation that others don't sense what you are experiencing, understanding and awakened to. As this is simply a restriction on yourself as an attachment, which you need to let go of.


Just know that you are awakening at your own pace, as all else are in their own way.. You are part of this higher collective consciousness. So those close to you, or in your proximity within your local community, may simply have not awakened yet, to the level you are at right now, just as you may have been at some point. Also admit to yourself that you too may not yet be fully awake to the level of consciousness of others across the world on their own journey of awakening, which you are still shifting towards and may not yet be aware of. This is all a learning process we are all experiencing personally as individual sovereign beings. All on our own journey of awakening as individuals, like ships in a turbulent ocean. We all have freewill, so be in command of your own ship, and don'.t attach yourself to others. The entire human collective as a unified consciousness is shifting, yet it is made up of individuals shifting at their own pace. Let go of your frustrations of others, it is not serving you. Focus on your own journey of awakening, knowing you are an integral part of the whole, all going in the same direction but at its own pace.

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