We Have Free Will Choice So Choose Wisely

We Have Free Will Choice So Choose Wisely

Since time began, humans have had the free will choice of their actions, whether positive or negative. It is the privilege of a conscious being: how to act: what to say; how to treat others; and how to decide on your own moral standing. This is the overall game plan on Planet Earth. What does a free will individual do or say, is it positive or negative, creating or destroying?

People make excuses not to, because they mirror their environment. "If they are doing it then so must I". Yet all they are doing is increasing the overall negative quagmire they have descended into. Not understanding that individual positive action can be collective for the whole, as they see others do the same and within no time, a Utopian caring society develops, where negativity is not tolerated. Some choose from the start, or learn on the way, to do so positively for themselves, others and their community. Seeing the holistic benefit for all. While others learn to do so negatively. Falsely thinking it is benefiting them, but actually creating a huge negative vibration which permeates all they come into contact with. Blindly leaving a trail of destruction in their path.

Negativity It amazes me so many times, how people are so self orientated, selfish and more alarmingly thinking that they are in the right. They are predators looking for the kill to survive. No limit will surpass them to gain what they or their isolated group want. They attract each other like flies, as they egg each other on to do the same, as though this justifies their actions. "Who shall we scam or destroy their lives so we can grab it for ourselves?" They scheme, they set up processes outside of the law, or normal rules of engagement. Congratulating each other for their endeavours. They spend their whole day snooping out who they can con. Some are not very adept and can be seen a mile away. The worst are those who or accomplished actors. They portray themselves as providers, solvers of your problems, listening intently to you and befriending you in false pretence. Yet with the sole reason to find a crack of weakness within you, so when the time is right they attack mercilessly.

Then they hide behind the veils they have constructed, so they are untouchable. Hoarding their ill gotten gains as they see the numbers on their balance sheet rise. Never to be seen or heard of again, because they are snooping out the next victim. This is why our world is in such turmoil. There is little sense of community and care for those around. I've worked in these environments in the past. I like all the other workers were pressured to comply with the scheming, but it made me feel sick. All I wanted to do was an honest day's work and get paid. Yet you get caught up in the notion "how am I going to pay next month's bills", and don't see a way out. At the end of the day, I got a monthly pay, no matter how well I did for the owners benefit only, the only ones who benefited were the owners. Then when it didn't suit them one simply didn't get paid.


Over the years, I have had the privilege to live, work and create myself within a positive environment, mostly due to the leaders vision of rightful and creative communities, however big or small. It persuaded me to be a visionary leader and create ground breaking communities, at times achieving what had never been accomplished before.

It takes guts and tenacity to create, I've done it myself in different ways, whether it be associated with work, family, friends or community. Have no doubt it is hard work, as somehow you always have to face the negative aspects of others or related organisations, at some point and breakthrough them without being swallowed up into the negativity.

Other times your actions are seen as a threat to others, who have their own personal selfish gains in mind. They are the ones to watch carefully, the snakes, as they will do anything in their power to destroy what you have achieved.

Have The Courage To Make The Right Choice For some of you reading this, you may have experienced or still are these kinds of environments. In my humble estimation, I would seriously question what it is doing for you in the long run. Your fear of well there is nothing else I can do is false. Yes you can! It may be a short term painful situation, but think of it this way, how long are you going to put up with your current situation, is it ever going to improve? In my experience it never does, if you stay in the same place. You have to have the courage to change your situation, however inconvenient it may seem in the short term. But in the long term, good comes out of it and you find where you are meant to be which is vibrationally suited to you, as you are surrounded by positivity not negativity. Negative actions and surroundings attract negative people. Whilst positive actions and surroundings attracts positive people.

It's like a struggle of the titans, the more influential you become in society, the more brutal and sophisticated you come under attack from others. For whatever their reasons they want you gone, because you are shining the light, whilst they are generally deceiving others, sometimes just individuals or on a much larger scale. It all becomes a Game of Power, from just one to one circumstances to larger concerns supporting many people.

Consider The Energy You Are Giving Out

Whatever it is you do or particpate in, consider what positive or negative energy you and your associates are creating. What net effect is it having on you, your family, friends or local community? What kind of society do you want to live in? Whatever it is and whether you accept it or not you and your actions are a part of it.

So with your free will choice, please choose wisely.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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