We Need To Be Shown To Change Our Perceptions

We Need To Be Shown To Change Our Perceptions

In order for awareness to increase across our planet to change our perception, we need to be shown clearly that there are clear issues with what is going on on our planet right now. That things are not as they seemed to be before. Why are there so many aspects of our lives being affected right now? What is going on?

The End Of The Matrix We are at the end of the matrix, which has controlled human beings perceptions and day to day lives for eons. The matrix has created a false reality about ourselves, our societies, our laws, our education systems, our financial systems, our political systems and our religious beliefs. Virtually all aspects of governance of the people of Planet Earth have been subjected to subconscious programs from birth, through our education, our work life, our personal life and our dealings with authorities governing us. It is so deep rooted that many never question them, believing them to be the reality we live in.

Planetary Reset However, our planet is experiencing a major reset, which is changing our consciousness and enlightening us to what is the true reality. In order for this shift to happen, the falsehoods, the corruption, the control processes have to be exposed. It is for this reason that so many extraordinary events have occurred which have affected every person on Earth at the same time. This is unique, as before these shifts would have happened in isolation. Only certain nations, cultures, creeds and colours have experienced huge changes to their lives because of political, economic and religious upheavals at various times of their history, whilst the majority of others life has just passed on as normal. This divide, out of ignorance of another group and not of our own, manifests ignorance, blame, prejudice, subversiveness, suppression and extermination of another country, culture, creed, and colour. Without considering the consequences for the other group, turning a blind eye to the horrors they may face, whilst life goes on blissfully for the more powerful group without concern of their actions upon others. Pandemic Now for the first time the pandemic event of 2020 has affected all nations, cultures, creeds and colours across the globe. We are now all facing the same darkness. An unseen virus where there is no clear enemy, as it is portrayed to be all around us, not just from some distant threat of another group that we are told are the enemy. The confusion has risen to such heights that we are all affected deeply by this unseen threat. Exasperated by wildly conflicting information with regard to differing health policies, statistical proof of deaths and infections, suppression of balanced opinions for and against, biased media, shutting down of any opposing voice on social media or mainstream news, draconian policies, regulations, lock downs, the list goes on. Across the world people are suffering hugely from the economic and health care crisis, creating fear, despair, mental health issues, suicides etc. far far exceeding the supposed fatalities of the pandemic itself.

US Elections We have just experienced the most important election in the USA in November 2020. Which has been marred in controversy over fraudulent balloting issues, media bias, banning free speech, misrepresentation of facts and results. All to influence voters who are dependent on who finally gets into power. As each party clearly has totally different agendas both domestically and globally, therefore will impact on all of us in the long run.

Confusion Panic and Fear All these aspects of total confusion, panic and fear are also creating an unprecedented awakening of people, now questioning "What is going on?". Waking up to the idea that there is something far more sinister going on in the background, which is initiating, implementing and enforcing these massive changes and bringing our normal day to day lives to a grinding halt, not just in our own district but worldwide. This process, however painful, is now awakening people's consciousness, who were effectively asleep and ignorant as to how much they were being controlled before under the matrix. That there is complete control by a very select few powerful people, enforcing their agenda. That there must be a better way for civilisations to live in peace and harmony. The End Of The Matrix Rest assured this painful process had to be endured to bring about a global awakening, that the system we now live in is seriously faulty and change needs to come NOW for our survival as a human species. This is the end of the matrix of control over all our lives. The end of the subconscious programs we all have been subjected to from birth, controlling our perceptions. The end of the hidden yet all powerful controllers who have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. The end of confusion, deception, manipulation, misinformation, disinformation the whole world population has been subjected to.

Uncertainty There is tremendous uncertainty manifesting across the globe. That is the time period and the energy theme we are all in now. Regrettably we have to go through this process of uncertainty to awaken the unawakened, in order for all of the systems of control and subconscious programs to rapidly collapse. We Need To Be Shown Awakened light workers may have thought the ascension and awakening process would be a breeze. But authentically the people of our Planet Earth need to be shown. They need to be shown the light. Their attention needs to be awakened. What we are experiencing right now across the planet is doing just that, forcing us to be attentive of the misguided ways which has led us down this path, knowing that it will bring our own destruction. Now everyone is paying attention. What has been happening on this planet for eons needs to be shown to the people. So they can readjust their perceptions to see a different world of love, peace and harmony.

"There are three types of people. Those that see. Those that see when shown. And those who do not see" - Leonardo Da Vinci Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr www.psychicgr.com

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