We The People Arise

We The People Arise

On January 6th 2021 the American population will arise and march en masse to Washington DC from all over the USA to defend their US Constitutional Rights. It is estimated a million people will converge on the State capital to peacefully protest against the draconian lock down measures which have devastated their livelihoods and against the fraudulent election results perpetrated against them in the swing states during the last US elections.. Despite all efforts by corrupt Governors, Senators and Law Makers across the States, who in my view have sold their souls to the dark side, have done all in their power to impose such unfathomable and unnecessary measures to destroy local economies, across the States, by their actions during the pandemic crisis and denying any opportunity to adjudicate on what has so clearly been a fraudulent election result. Even after hearings across States following 1000's of ordinary American citizens bringing forward affidavits and speaking publicly at senate hearings, knowing full well the consequences of potential perjury. Yet a number of highly powerfully positioned individuals, clearly in direct opposition to the US Constitutional Laws are denying the people their constitutional rights in so many ways.

Mass Consciousness

Having explained in detail on previous blog articles of the consequences of massive changes in consciousness and awakening occurring in relation to the Divine Plan and transmuting violet light which has enveloped Mother Earth since the Planetary Reboot of October 2020 and the Grand Conjunction during the Winter Solstice. All of these events transpire in bringing humanity closer towards the Ascension process of Mother Earth and all that abide upon her. It is fascinating to see how this is actually panning out in reality.

US Constitution

Many people from other countries cannot fully appreciate the uniqueness of the US Constitution and the concept that it's laws were designed by the Founding Fathers back in 1776 for "We The People" of the USA. As most countries foundations and laws are mostly to protect the rulers. However over the last century, these USA ideals have been infiltrated by the dark side, who have put in place those who have been coerced, in so many different satanic ways, to serve the dark side and their own selfish needs and not "We The People". The majority of the population have been consistently duped, by mainstream media, education and many other aspects, to let go of their sovereign rights and allow evil to gain control of their individual states and the USA as a whole. In accordance with the Divine Plan towards the path of Ascension, the events which have transpired in more recent months, have effectively exposed all those who are corrupt and awakened the mass population to see it all in the clear light of day. Individuals are finally beginning to arise and reclaim their sovereignty as individual spirits in the light..

We The People

As "We The People" galvanise to march on Washington DC from across the USA, the dark side is doing all it can to disrupt and deter ordinary people from participating. Powerful individuals in Washington DC have ordered all hotels and shops to be closed in the area and completely deny any mainstream coverage of the event, to deter people from being informed, feeding themselves or even being able to find somewhere to rest, during this turbulent event. It is still unclear how the rogue authorities will also order policing of the event, but clashes will likely occur on a major scale if they intend to disrupt a peaceful and legal protest. .

Peaceful Protest

It is important to remember how Gandhi miraculously organised peaceful demonstrations in India, which were so successful that it brought down the controlling British establishment and brought forward the Independence of India and the eventual collapse of the British Empire. His values must be recalled and implemented during this new uprising. As if done peacefully and within the Divine Light of justice and truth, it will bring down the Dark Side agenda, not only in the USA but across the world. If you are planning on participating please do so peacefully, despite what you might face, Prepare for any eventuality, bring enough food and water and possible means of shelter for yourselves and others less fortunate around you. All light workers and warriors across the world join us in meditation on 6th January 2021 to protect all who attend and ensure that all goes peacefully. "We Are The People Of The World" and stand firm with "We The People" of the USA, who have the courage to stand firm and peacefully protest for their Constitutional RIghts within the USA to be upheld. "We The People" will overcome and restore the The Light of God within us all. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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