What Is A Stargate?

What Is A Stargate?

A Stargate generates a wormhole between itself and a complementary device at another location, by being supplied with a threshold amount of raw energy. Objects in transit between gates are broken down into their individual elemental components, and then into energy as they pass through the event horizon, and then travel through a wormhole before being reconstructed on the other side and exiting another Stargate.

A Stargate is a name for a class of devices which allow almost instantaneous travel between places. Stargates are circular devices marked out by nine chevrons spaced equally around their circumference and 39 symbols displayed on an inner ring. They are typically 22 ft in diameter, 64,000 lbs in weight, and thought to be made of an unknown substance. The gates are almost always operated standing vertically, though they are operable in any orientation.

Ancient Stargates

Allegedly there are many stargates on the planet that link us to other places in the matrix or hologram (universe). Some are located on power grid points linked to UFO activity. Physical stargates open and close using various devices. Many ancient cultures speak of portals to other worlds and gateways to star systems where their “creators” reside. Conventional wisdom tells us these tales are merely myths and legends. However, recent declassified FBI files have stated that our Earth has been visited by beings from other dimensions and planets. NASA In 2015, NASA admitted that the idea of Earth portals — areas on the planet that instantly teleport human beings from one place to the other — are a reality that they have been studying for quite some time. One of NASA’s spacecraft, the THEMIS, and cluster probes from Europe have amassed enough observational data to confirm that a magnetic stargate portal exists in many locations. Usually these are found where the faraway geomagnetic field bumps up against the passing solar wind. The result is a direct pathway between the Earth and the sun. In March 2015, NASA launched its Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) that, among other things, is tasked with studying these portals to gain a deeper understanding of them. Most of these are small with short lives, though others have been observed as gaping holes with sustained lifespans. Opening and closing numerous times during the day, magnetic forces mingle, allowing their crackling energy particles to flow between the Earth and the sun. These meeting points — called X-points by NASA — have been pinpointed by scientists using polar data.

Wormhole Physics

A wormhole is a hypothetical “tube” in space connecting widely separated positions in the universe. Einstein believed in them. All wormholes require exotic materials (material with negative energy density) in order to hold them open. In 1993, M. Visser showed that quantum wormholes, once formed, are stable.

Ley Lines

Ley lines are alignments of ancient sites, holy places, and specific important locations such as stone circles, standing stones, vortices, and monuments. Ley lines link a number of ancient landmarks by a series of straight lines. Ley lines are literally rivers of energy that flow through the earth and also between worlds and other universes. They are the veins and traffic arteries that make up the universal transportation system. They are found in places known as nexus points. Ley lines occur all over the world in a crystalline pattern based on a system of triangles and that great temples of the ancient world are built into this pattern at these nexus points all over the globe.

Rivers Of Energy

A pattern of mysterious events around the world and across over time has caused researchers to search for reasons. This research led to the discovery of a map showing 12 equally spaced areas around the globe in which magnetic anomalies and other energy phenomena occur. (e.g. Bermuda Triangle) This map of these energy points and intersections described as “rivers of energy” was somehow lost to history or purposely taken out of circulation for many years.

Stargate War Cover Ups

What is not widely known and is definitely kept out of mainstream media, is that the main reason for many wars across the globe, both now and in the past, are actually over controlling stargates or preventing unwelcome beings which are attempting to enter planet Earth via stargates to control and overrun the planet. There are many testimonies by military commanders, special forces units combating alien beings directly or are commanding enemy forces. Generally this is covered up or military personnel are mind wiped, disappeared or killed. if they disclose information to the public. as these are highly sensitive above top secret missions.. Examples are a) The spider beings who were colluding with the Vietcong during the Vietnam war. b) The Invasion of Iraq 2003 was said to be actually a war over stargates and the Looking Glass (which could predict future timelines). A persistent conspiracy is that the United States actually launched the Iraq War of 2003 for the purpose of getting their hands on the stargate, which was at the time supposedly thought to have been moved to a cavern beneath one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces, where the dictator had learned to harness its power. America apparently got wind that Hussein had control of this powerful relic and moved in, thus starting the war. When Baghdad fell to American forces the area happened to fall smack in the middle of the highly guarded and fortified Green Zone, which the conspiracy states is no coincidence. There have been a few whistleblowers who allegedly have come out of the woodwork to confirm that The U.S. wanted access to this technology, including one Dan Burisch, who claims that he was part of a covert team that went into Iraq on a mission to find the portal. Stargates on Planet Earth

The Looking Glass Project:

The Looking Glass Project: reportedly involved a back-engineered Extraterrestrial device originally designed to be a portal opening mechanism for Stargate-type travel - which had (has) the capacity to bend time/space so that events over the forward and rear event horizons could be viewed (looking forward or backward in time). This device was being used to determine the probability of future events, and allows the user to come back to the present time and initiate strategies which will increase the likelihood of the desired future event (i.e. election results). It was also tested for communications protocols and transportation applications as recently as 2003-2004, before being dismantled for safety reasons as we enter further into the highly energetic space in and around the galactic plane. It has been claimed Saddam Hussein had gained control of the Looking Glass and was another major reason for the Iraq Invasion to retrieve it by the US forces as it was considered a very powerful tool and weapon which could bring immense power to whoever acquired it .

Stargates On Planet Earth

Here is a list of 15 most well known Stargates on Planet Earth (there are many more)!

1) Sedona Vortexes And The ‘Doorway of the Gods", USA

Sedona, a small town in Arizona was once known by the Native American tribes as Nawanda, and at one time, a most sacred city to them. It is said the Red Rocks of the deserts that surround the small town can create vortexes with the capability of transporting people to another realm or dimension. Native Americans believed these rocks were spiritually charged, while sounds emanating from them have been reported. In the mountains of Arizona, it claims to be the “Doorway of the Gods”—a strange stone arch portal to another time and space.

2) Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

Regarded as the oldest stone temple in the world, the Gobekli Tepe site features several rings of huge “T” shaped stone pillars, each engraved with a carving of an animal such as a lion or a sheep. Two of the pillars sit in the middle of these circles, almost creating an archway of sorts. The archway within these circles are said to be the remains of portals or stargates, which the ancient people who resided here used as a portal to the “sky world.”

3) Abydos, Egypt

One of the oldest cities of Ancient Egypt, Abydos is perhaps one of the most important sites in Egyptology and certainly one of the most interesting. In particular, the Temple of Seti I appears to show hieroglyphs of modern flying machines, such as a helicopter, as well as what some would describe as a flying saucer.

4) Ranmasu Uyana, Sri Lanka

Carved on a massive piece of stone wall and mostly hidden between the boulders and cave systems of Ranmasu Uyana, is what is believed to be a star map or star chart. The symbols carved on the rock are said to be a code that opens the star gate and allows the opener to travel from this world to other areas of the universe. Directly opposite the star map, are four stone seats or chairs. The name of the star chart is Sakwala Chakraya, which is believed to mean “The rotating circle of the Universe.” According to Sinhala interpretation, Sakwala means universe and Chakraya means a rotating circle or disc.

5) Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, ‘Gate of the Sun

Believed by some to be a portal to the land of the gods, the “Gate of the Sun” in Bolivia shares much of its legends with other similar sites in the Andes region. Tiahuanaco city is said to be one of the most important sites of ancient America, with legends stating that the Sun god, Viracocha, appeared in Tiahuanaco and made it “the place of creation”—the place he chose to start the human race. Carved from one block of stone and thought to be 14,000 years old, the gateway displays what appears to be human beings with “rectangular helmets”. This has led many researchers to state the purpose of the gate is indeed connected to something astronomical, although this is hotly debated. The top-middle of the arch features a carving of the supposed sun god and shows what look to be rays of light appearing behind and forcing their way around all sides of the deities head.

6) Eridu, Euphrates River, Mesopotamia

Eridu was long considered the earliest city in southern Mesopotamia and is still today argued to be the oldest city in the world. Located 12 km southwest of Ur, Eridu was the southernmost of a conglomeration of Sumerian cities that grew around temples, almost in sight of one another. These buildings were made of mud brick and built on top of one another. With the temples growing upward and the village growing outward, a larger city was built. In Sumerian mythology, Eridu was originally the home of Enki, later known by the Akkadians as Ea, who was considered to have founded the city. His temple was called E-Abzu, as Enki was believed to live in Abzu, an aquifer from which all life was believed to stem. Author Elizabeth Vegh has written several books on the ancient Sumerian gods and kings and their alleged use of stargates in ancient times. One of her main conclusions is that there is a stargate in the Euphrates River, and has been buried and lost under the ruins of the Mesopotamian city of Eridu for thousands of years. Vegh also states that the biblical verse in Chapter 9 of the Book of Revelations speaks of this stargate. The verse reads, “Then the fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and it was given the key to the pit of the abyss. The star opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke rose out of it like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke from the pit and out of the smoke, locusts descended on the earth ”.

7) Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

One of the most well-known structures on the planet, if only by name, is the ancient rock formation known as Stonehenge. It is also one of the most contested and debated sites in history, both as to when it was built and to what its true purpose might have been. Mainstream historians claim that the famous arrangement was built around 5,000 years ago, partly from bluestones that were quarried from a site 386 kilometers (240 mi) away. To some though, this notion is absurd. Geologist Brian John states that there was no evidence for this claim and no evidence that the alleged quarry even existed. It is said that when the first settlements were built in the area, 5,000 years ago, Stonehenge was already there and fully built. The ancient site is said to sit where 14 ley lines converge and some feel, along with other similar ancient sites, this essentially makes it an energy portal or stargate.

8) Ancient Stone Arrangement, Lake Michigan, USA

In 2007, while searching for the remains of shipwrecks, scientists discovered a stone structure 12 meters (40 ft) below the surface of Lake Michigan. Thought to be 9,000 years old, the structure has been dubbed Michigan’s equivalent of Stonehenge. The discovery was made by professor of underwater archaeology at Northwestern Michigan University, Mark Holley, and his colleague, Brian Abbott. One thing of particular interest was a carving on one of the stones of a mastodon—which is believed to have become extinct 10,000 years ago—a possible indication of the structure’s age. The location of the site has been kept secret, at least for now. This is part of an agreement with the local Native American tribes who wish to keep the amount of visitors to a minimum. While a lot of mainstream scientists are sceptical about the age of the site, and if it even has any relevance, many believe that it is the remains of a stargate or wormhole. The site has also claimed several bizarre disappearances and gained the title of “The Michigan Triangle”.

9) Abu Ghurab, Egypt - The Place Of The Gods

The Abu Sir Pyramids, site of Abu Ghurab, has claimed to be one of the oldest sites on the planet. Within Abu Ghurab, lies an ancient platform made of alabaster (Egyptian crystal) and is said to be in tune with the “vibration” of Earth. It can also “open the senses” in order for a person to communicate and “be one” with higher, sacred energies of the Universe. Essentially, it is a stargate and the sacred energies were the Neters (gods).

10) Hayu Marca, Peru - The Gate Of The Gods

In 1996, Hayu Marca was discovered by Jose Luis Delgado Mamani while he was trying to learn the layout of the area for a job he had recently taken as a tour guide. The “Gate of the Gods” at Hayu Marca in Peru is said by native tribes to have once acted as a “gateway to the land of the Gods.” Mamani even claims that he had dreams of the doorway for years before he had accidentally found it. In his dream, Mamani stated that the pathway leading to the doorway was made of pink marble, and had also witnessed a smaller door that was open with a “brilliant blue light coming from what looked like a shimmering tunnel.” The “doorway” is actually two doorways, almost in a “T” shape. The larger doorway measures seven meters wide and seven meters high (22 ft by 22 ft) while the smaller one stands two meters high (6.5 ft) in the middle of the base. Legends state that the larger door is for the gods, themselves. The smaller door is for mortals to pass through, and some heroic mortals did, becoming immortal themselves to live among the gods.

11) Nasiriyah, Iraq

Nasiriyah, is a city about 370 km south-east of Baghdad, and which has sparked all manner of rumors and conspiracy theories. The ancient Sumerian stargate was allegedly discovered in the 1920s, and when word got out that it was there and actually worked many governments sent out expeditions to try and find it for their own purposes. Here is where conspiracy theories start to get fueled, with some claiming that the Anglo-Iraqi War of 1941 was started specifically as an excuse to gain control of the stargate. Of course Nazis come into play here, and they were said to have spent great resources and effort on finding the supposed stargate during World War II. In later years, a persistent and bonkers conspiracy is that the United States actually launched the Iraq War of 2003 for the purpose of getting their hands on the stargate, which was at the time supposedly thought to have been moved to a cavern beneath one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces, where the dictator had learned to harness its power. America apparently got wind that Hussein had control of this powerful relic and moved in, thus starting the war. When Baghdad fell to American forces the area happened to fall smack in the middle of the highly guarded and fortified Green Zone, which the conspiracy states is no coincidence. There have been a few whistleblowers who allegedly have come out of the woodwork to confirm that The U.S. wanted access to this technology, including one Dan Burisch, who claims that he was part of a covert team that went into Iraq on a mission to find the portal.

12) Bermuda Triangle, Caribbean

The Bermuda Triangle is probably the most famous stargate portal. Encompassing three vertices, the Bermuda Triangle — sometimes referred to as the Devil’s Triangle — is a large abyss that stretches between San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bermuda Island, and Miami, Florida. First noted in late 1950 or early 1951, the Bermuda Triangle was deemed to be a mysterious area in which huge military ships and planes were “lost” without any other plausible explanation forthcoming from the government or the military. In 1964, Vincent H. Gaddis argued that the Bermuda Triangle was the site of strange occurrences such as disappearing tanker ships and jets with the government being unwilling — or unable — to provide a reason or explanation.

13) Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Rapa Nui on Easter Island holds a very specialized relationship with Giza as well as the other 11 mega nodes and is awakening into a new role, and will be one of 4 major anchors in the Southern hemisphere for the New Firmament. Balanced Field Easter Island was formed from the lava of 3 triangulated volcanoes. The energy generated here is incredibly powerful, yet in balance. It exudes an almost musical serenity and opens each visitor to heightened awareness and spiritual merging with Divine Self. In 2013, beginning in the March Equinox, energetic coded crystalline light will flow into this area. Incredible pyramids were constructed in the area, most of which are now submerged below waters, although several are located and are considered to be functioning in the vast city below it in the Hollow Earth. The Rapa Nui land mass is also the location of a potent opening to the Hollow Earth. It is the largest of several major entries which was used by the Lemurians to enter the subsurface realms of the Earth, at the time in which Lemuria was no longer sustainable. Within 300 years of your linear time Rapa Nui will re-emerge as a Cosmic Centre. It is said that it will once again become a site of Utopia. In this phase, the sea levels will have declined considerably, and Rapa Nui will again be a much larger land mass. II will also be a refuge of rejuvenation and joy to all forms of life. It will harbour and nurture all who visit. It will be an interface for the Inner Earth population, for just beneath its surface area, is one of the largest cities of the ancient Lemurians, as well as a base for the Hathors.

14) Xian Pyramids, China

The world's largest pyramid is rumoured to be in Qin Lin county in a 'forbidden zone' of China, estimated at nearly 1,000 ft high and made of impounded earth and clay, and holding vast tombs. The Chinese government has planted trees on them to disguise them and have long denied the existence of 100 or so pyramids, though the increasing tourism to the Xian tombs area ( including the Terracotta Army) is threatening the secrecy with tourists climbing the 25-100m pyramids for themselves.

15) The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt

The pyramids of Giza have left us gazing in astonishment and curiosity for four thousand years. Even after hundreds of years of archeological and scientific exploration, they’re continuing to surprise us. A recent project has found striking “thermal anomalies” in the eastern side of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The discovery was part of the Operation Scan Pyramid, a recent project that has already used “cosmic rays” and drones to analyze the pyramids by a group of scientists from Egypt, France, Canada and Japan, under authority from the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry. With the ongoing plan to discover new tombs and hidden burial chambers, the project used thermal imaging technology on the pyramid, which found mysterious heat spots on the monuments. At the lower level of the Cheops, or Great Pyramid, they found an area of neighbouring blocks that had a temperature gap far greater than would normally be expected for adjacent stones made with different qualities of limestone. Since air gaps don’t hold heat as well as rock or sand, a difference in temperature could reveal information about the pyramid’s structure hidden beneath the surface. However, the team still isn't certain what exactly it is. It could be a tomb, a cavity, a passage or even just a crack in the rock. In a statement, the Egyptian antiquities ministry said the scientists had “concluded the existence of several thermal anomalies that were observed on all monuments during the heating-up or the cooling-down phases,” referring to surveys taken during sunrise, when the structures warm up from the Sun, and sunset, when they lose heat. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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