What Is Truth Or False

What Is Truth Or False

In times of peace or great turmoil, people generally look elsewhere for answers. As they don't understand what is happening to them personally; their family and friends; their locality; their region; their country; their race; their religion; their politics; or the world in general.

In times of peace, as long as life is going normally according to their cultural, religious and family and friends, work environment viewpoint, all is well.

Often people, thinking they are living the ideal life, criticise and ridicule those in need or in distress over some difficulty they are facing. As though they are beneath them, disregarding that any mishap can befall them, as a wave and destabilise their own lives, without apparent notice.

Whilst the going is good they party, choosing to ignore what may be happening to others, as though, this would never happen to them.

Seeing The World From A Different View

The willingness to accept or seek the truth of other people's situation is often too much for most to see objectively, whether it be; their next door neighbour; the homeless across the street; a person not of the local ethnicity or race; a community of a different race, religion or creed; another bordering or far away country's population; or another race entirely.

The point is that this lack of an objective viewpoint and being simply concerned withone's own subjective ego self, can be localised, regionalised, nationalised or worldwide.

It is quite simply a learnt ignorance of not bothering to seek out the truth of what is really going on out there and what others are currently facing.

If you think about it they, being another community, race, nation, gender, religion may well be doing and thinking the very same about you!! Yet it is totally not what you are experiencing!!

It is all a game of distrust, disinformation and misinformation. for the sole benefit of the ruling elite class, to benefit out of chaos and mistrust.

Ruling Powers Over The People

Now the ruling elite, (whether it be; Kings or Queens; political leaders; dictators; gang leaders; military leaders; religious leaders; or banking financiers; to name a few highly influential groups in power), have always known this weakness in human traits, and play it to their full advantage for their own personal gain whether finance or power or both. The reasons being

1) To control their local community for their own benefit.

2) Create artificial borders based on a creed, religion or race, or nationality. issuing mandatory passes such as passports, residential passes, visas, work permits, you name it, in order to dictate where you can travel to, restrict free movement and interaction between them.

Note how many times over history have these borders changed and if you happen to fit within that border at a specific time and place, all of a sudden you have to comply with the new dogma and rules, within that artificial border, which has now been decreed law by the rulers, whether it is completely alien to you or not.

3) Create true or false scenarios to put fear into their own community of another, and call them to arms to fight under their own banner. 4) Destabilise their own communities, or that of another, which doesn't follow their ideal. Creating fear, distrust and racial bigotry. 5) Generally the real reason being they want to gain control of land, populations, resources and wealth which they don't currently have right now. Even though they may already be mega rich and powerful, they succumb to their own personal greed, as they can never have enough.

Landing On A Random Geographical Point And Time Line Imagine yourself landing on any point of the world map at any point of time, and what cultural and political ideologies you would have to live with and survive in. Watch these videos of the changing borders of Europe and worldwide over the millennium. Fascinating! Manipulation By Fear Fear overcomes people in these times of manipulation. Many people across the world mix up the meaning of truth and lies, through misinformation, disinformation and down right lies. They sometimes use one term in place of the other. Misinformation or Disinformation defines misinformation as “false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead.” And it describes disinformation as “deliberately misleading or biased information; manipulated narrative or facts; propaganda.” So What's The Difference? Officials at say it comes down to what the writer or speaker actually means. They say that “when people spread misinformation, they often believe the information they are sharing.” But disinformation is often shared with the goal of misleading others. For example, if people share information that they know to be false in a story or a picture, that is disinformation. A quotation from Jane Solomon, a language expert with - "The choice of misinformation, instead of disinformation, is done for a reason. Disinformation is a word that looks outside of ourselves. You can point a finger at someone who is spreading this disinformation.” As for misinformation, there is a quality of looking inward and it helps us evaluate our own behaviour to fight against the spread of misinformation." The Power of Misinformation And Disinformation The words misinformation and disinformation have been used since the late 1500's. Yet these words still have a very significant effect on human thinking and reaction today. Particularly with the distribution of information via the Internet, where the source of it cannot be easily identified, or indeed at all, in far more sophisticated and effective ways, There now exists a whole generation of people simply employed to create misinformation and disinformation on the net. All to create chaos, fear and manipulating people to belief their own side are right and the other side, whoever they may be and targeted, must be wrong. How To Counteract All This Misinformation And Disinformation Now how can you possibly counteract all this misinformation and disinformation being spewed out worldwide. Here are some suggestions: 1) Seek the truth over time. See the patterns of behaviour, actions and speech over time. a) which lead to equality, constructive, peace and growth within individuals, whole communities, creeds and races. b) which lead to inequality, dictatorial, fear based, mistrust and destruction within individuals, whole communities, creeds and races. 2) Do not participate in the expansion of misinformation and disinformation being spewed out worldwide. a) If you do, you are a perpetrator and victim of it. b) If you don't, you are a trail blazer for truth, whatever the consequences and no longer a victim. 3) Listen to your heart, this is always a place of unity consciousness, whilst the brain is of duality and confusion. 4) Evolve to a higher consciousness, understanding that we are all human beings trying to live in peace, as is everyone else across the world, regardless of race, creed or gender. Be the Light of Truth, not the Darkness of Lies.

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