Why The Red Pill Has Become So Big

Why The Red Pill Has Become So Big

During this lock down, people's attention has shifted from that which keeps them 'distracted' each day, to having to quiet down, reflect and even explore the reality of what is going on in our world.

The metaphorical ‘red pill’ comes from the movie The Matrix whereby the main character Neo is offered the opportunity to see ‘the real world’ that is hidden behind the matrix all humans are plugged into and convinced is reality. Neo has the choice between the red pill to show him the truth, or the blue pill to allow him to go on believing that the world he has been programmed to believe in is in fact reality. Since Neo was someone who always had an inkling that something wasn’t ‘quite right’ with the world and he could feel there was more, he decided to take the red pill and understand what’s really going on.

Today, humanity has been faced with a number of opportunities to take the red pill. In our world, the blue pill would represent accepting all that the government tells people is the truth. It would mean that the mainstream media is always providing truth to the public and there is nothing more to the story. It would mean that we are beings who simply have five senses, and our material world is all there is to experience. We are animals, disconnected from one another, and that we should be in competition to one another and are inherently violent creatures.

Release Subconscious Mind Programs

The subconscious mind is very powerful, yet 95% of our everyday life is dictated by subconscious programs, just as the blue pill. For thousands of years the controllers of the narrative have dictated the subconscious programs, continually feeding us with the blue pill.. While we have symbolically left the red pill of truth to pile up, fester and rot in the medicine cabinet.

The red pill, however, would allow us to see beyond the agendas, narratives and mind programs within mainstream media and government. It would open us up to who we truly are and the true nature of reality, in that we are all connected to one unified field and are individual aspects of that field playing together in a vast experience we call ‘ the human experience.’

Our true nature is peace and love, and that what we are playing out today as our reality simply comes from fear and how we have been programmed to forget who we truly are and what we should accept about the world around us.

So taking the ‘red pill’ is simply about seeing through the deceptions and lies put forth from mainstream media and government about how our world functions. We start to understand the true nature of our reality, who we are and why we are here. It’s an inner journey of consciousness as much as it is an outer journey of understanding more about how our society operates. For some of us, this ‘red pill’ has become so big and so much to take all at once. For others who have been open for many years to exploring new ideas little by little, doses of the ‘red pill’ remained small, but now for some of us, this pill has become something that is blowing our minds wide open to what is going on in our world – and for some, it’s a lot to handle. The Return of Balanced Nature During this pandemic lock down, we’re seeing many narrative battles, disagreements about what is going on and things occur that simply don’t make sense. It can be frustrating for some, but all of it serves as an opportunity to make us ask questions and reflect. It has forced us to stop in our tracks the lifestyles we had become accustomed to, without seeing the negative impacts and destruction we had placed upon our own human lives, the animal kingdom and nature, through our selfish ways of living. Nature and the elemental kingdom of earth, air, water, fire and ether has now been able to return into balance without the negative impact us humans had previously created. Changes Enforce Our Questioning Sometimes the ‘ridiculousness’ of things or the ‘struggles’ has to become very clear and obvious for us to truly begin questioning what is really going on. So in that sense, these ‘tougher times’ serve as an opportunity to collapse old paradigms, shift and create anew.

Redefine Our Lives

So I and other awakened souls, may we suggest opening up the medicine cabinet and have the courage to take the red pill of self awareness, self governance. Building a common collective of free individuals of all creeds, colours and cultures. All working together for the common good and higher consciousness of all who abide on Planet Earth and that of Mother Earth herself. However hard the withdrawal symptoms of releasing the blue pill subconscious programmes embedded within us are.

Question the false reality we have been living in, which has governed our concepts and way of life for so long. As these concepts are now being unveiled and purged under the light of truth and no longer serve us.

Sense what is developing and emerging right now as the Light of Truth. As we enter into a new higher dimensional way of seeing, thinking, acting, feeling not just for our own selfish benefit. But as a collective of light beings actively working towards a more tolerant, caring, understanding, truthful, equitable lifestyle for all of us, not just a select few.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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