Worldwide Mass Meditation 29th March 2020

Worldwide Mass Meditation 29th March 2020

There is a worldwide meditation taking place today Sunday 29th March at 12 noon your time (NB so creating a wave over the world timelines). organised by Connecting Consciousness . Focusing on moving our planet and humankind into the 5th dimension. Pleas take part! For the good of the future of mankind the animal kingdom and Gaia This Sunday at 12 noon YOUR time, so whichever country you are in, 12 noon your time,

From Connecting Consciousness - Simon Parkes " I would like you to participate in a worldwide CC meditation. Rather than a meditation ‘to stop the Coronavirus’, I would like you to focus please on moving the Earth to a 5th dimensional frequency.

Previously we have done meditations all at the same time over the Earth, but this time, if everyone does it at 12 noon their local time, this will create a wave which has 2 beneficial effects, it is harder to be countered, and secondly, because our Mother Earth connects in waves of energy, we will utilise this for good. Would you please, prior to during this meditation just for a short moment concentrate on lifting yourself out of this 3D construct / matrix, so please leave behind any over concern gained from many hours of internet searching, deep thinking regarding the cabal and any fear we might all have in this difficult time. Please concentrate on pushing for the higher realm, your own spiritual and energy advancement. The meditation proper need only be 5 minutes. Thanking you in advance,"

Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness

Michael J Robey

Psychic.Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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